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Having been remapping for several years now, both car and commercial remapping, Castlederg Auto Electrics are the largest Remapping dealer network in Ireland.   Not only are files custom written for each vehicle but also warranted for life!!   With a 30 day money back guarantee and increased horsepower by as much as 35% them main saving is fuel economy from 6 to 14 mpg.  This is an average from our customer feedback.



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For too long now we’ve associate more power with more fuel consumption but with our first 2 months testing completed we’re really pleased with the results and all the positive feedback.   Typical example is my own Ford Focus 2006 1.6 tdci 110bhp with 50 mpg, now at 145 bhp and 58 mpg.   Landrover/Range Rover owners:   On the 2.7 tdi engines we have had a big response from our customers that not only is there a considerable increase in torque and horse power, but that savings on fuel could be cut by up to 20%.

On further research we find that these vehicles are manufactured to be shipped anywhere in the world, including California, USA.  In order to meet very strict pollution guides, there are considerable restrictions and in turn this makes the vehicle not only well under powered, but this also in turn increases fuel consumption.

Typical example:   Whilst towing a trailer you would have to be travelling at over 60 mph to get into fifth gear and this is impractical as you are now breaking the speed limit.  Also pulling a trailer with a load means that you tend to ‘drive’ in third gear for most of the journey which is inefficient for fuel consumption due to the low speed/high rpm ratio.   With a remap you can safely sit in top gear at lower rpm there fore saving much more fuel.  Calculate your car’s potential:   Discover the improvements possible on your vehicle by using the calculator below

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