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Castlederg Auto Electrics have anounced that From 1st April 2014 Quantum Tuning Ireland has been launched.  This is an exciting new venture allowing us to reach more customers by expanding the Quantum Tuning Dealer network through out Ireland to a town near you.  Why not try our vehicle calculator at the bottom of the screen.

With 4 New dealers set up covering Co Donegal, Fermanagh and Tyrone we are seeking more dealers to cover other counties.

Please feel free to visit us at www.quantumtuning.ie  (Under developement, Comming soon)

With the most comprehensive range of vehicle software solutions available we can fix any electrical fault on your vehicle.

As you may have noticed we are undergoing changes and diversifying our business over the last few months.  There are still alot of changes to happen and we believe it will improve the way your car is repaired with less down time.



My own field in this business has been from an electrical prospective, meaning that i see what other mechanics cannot.  Too often we hear of, “oh ive had my car on a computer”.  Having a computer is one thing using it is another!  Its a lanuague of its own and knowledge grows every day, week and year.  Todays vehicles are complex machines where having the knowledge and knowhow is a must.  Experiance and dedication have driven this passion to a degree where any vehicle can be diagnoised and repaired by logic.   After all someone had to design and build it!







Castlederg Auto Electrics are the UK’s leading Diagnostic Specialist’s in the automotive industry. Formed in 2002 we have strived for excellence in repairing electrical faults to vehicles from all over Ireland and the UK. Cars today contain many electrical systems which are linked together to form a complex communication system known as CAN bus. Too many times most garages assume that if you try a part, it may fix the problem, but at the customers expense. Here at Castlederg Auto Electrics by simply accessing the cars diagnostic system faults can be found and pin pointed exactly meaning that only the correct parts are supplied and fitted. This lowers the cost to the customer of a professionally repaired job.

Castlederg Auto Electrics are the only garage that specialise in complete diagnostics and electrical repairs with proper diagnostic tools and nothing else!


Castlederg Auto Electrics are one of the first to have been awarded VW Audi independent specialists!!



We have one of the largest collection of vehicle diagnostic equipment to serve any manufacturer and repair them as required. You simply dont buy them, you earn them. We here at Castlederg Auto Electrics have dedicated the last 10 years to pure electrics diagnosis and what i strive for is a professional job from start to finish. ” Why?” you might ask, means simply job satisfaction on repairing a car that has had a problem for months maybe years and yet fixed by the most basic of principles. The reason? SIMPLY that I understand  vehicle electrics from the inside out  and the more complex the system the easier to diagnose and fix.



Its what we know!


Please feel free to havea browse on our site and if you dont see what your looking for then please email us.


This website has been designed and written, by us for a more informative approach to repairing you vehicle.  We believe that by creating our own site lets us explain exactly what we do and how we diagnoise your faults. 




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