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From Monday 23rd March 2015 Castlederg Auto Electrics have moved to new premises at 7 Carrickdartins Road Castlederg BT81 7NQ.   Approx 1 mile from Castlederg on the B72 Omagh Rd, Carrickdartins Road is located before the former Aiken service station . Our number is 028 816 78878 and hopefully should have moved by that date.


Here at Castlederg Auto Electrics we cover all aspects of vehicle electrical faults.  These may range from having a vehicle diagnostic health check to finding out why the wipers have stopped working.  Over the years we have seen alot of new changes and here at Castlederg Auto Electrics we have followed with more diagnostic tools to keep up with more and more programming.  Latest kit this year is software that will allow us to add or remove modules with component security “VAG group”, keys added to cars, read virtually every vehicle`s security code, recalibrate mileage, update the vehicle software, etc, etc.  Again the list is too long and well we dont want to give away all our secrets.



Located in West Tyrone Castlederg Auto Electrics are on the border with Co Donegal and are easily accessed by the B72, Omagh to Castlederg road.



Servicing the trade and public we also repair vehicles for some larger dealer garages.


Some of what we do:

Vehicle Remapping

Electrical fault finding

Key programming

Ecu “electrical control unit” programming

ECU swapping

Security Pin code read from eeprom service

Updating car software to newest verison

Instrument cluster swapping

Abs programming

Immobiliser repairs and or removal

Instrument cluster repairs

Mileage recalibration

Vehicle electrical modifications

Resetting warning lights

Resetting service indicators

Diesel particulate filter solutions

EGR solutions

Airbag crash data reset service

Radios decoded

Truck diagnostics

Permanant diagnostic fault code delete

Remaps –  vehicle software enhancement



With the most comprehensive range of vehicle software solutions available we can fix any electrical fault on your vehicle.

As you may have noticed we are undergoing changes and diversifying our business over the last few months.  There are still alot of changes to happen and we believe it will improve the way your car is repaired with less down time.

My own field in this business has been from an electrical prospective, meaning that i see what other mechanics cannot.  Too often we hear of, “oh i`ve had my car on a computer”.  Having a computer is one thing using it is another!    Today`s vehicles are complex machines where having the knowledge and knowhow is a must.  Experiance and dedication have driven this passion to a degree where any vehicle can be diagnoised and repaired by logic.   After all someone had to design and build it!


Castlederg Auto Electrics are Ireland’s leading Diagnostic Specialist’s in the automotive industry. Formed in 2002 we have strived for excellence in repairing electrical faults to vehicles from all over Ireland, servicing over 300 smaller garages. Cars today contain many electrical systems which are linked together to form a complex communication system known as CAN bus. Too many times most garages assume that if you try a part, it may fix the problem, but at the customers expense. Here at Castlederg Auto Electrics by simply accessing the cars diagnostic system faults can be found and pin pointed exactly meaning that only the correct parts are supplied and fitted. This lowers the cost to the customer of a professionally repaired job.

Castlederg Auto Electrics are the only garage that specialise in complete diagnostics and electrical repairs with proper diagnostic tools and nothing else!

We have one of the largest collection of vehicle diagnostic equipment to serve any manufacturer and repair them as required.

Please feel free to have a browse on our site and if you dont see what your looking for then please email us.







This website has been designed and written, by us for a more informative approach to repairing you vehicle.  We believe that by creating our own site lets us explain exactly what we do and how we diagnoise your faults. 

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