If you’re experiencing problems with your Toyota we can diagnose and repair it!

We have programmed keys in Prius, and many other models in the Toyota range. Recently we had the fortune to reset and relearn a high pressure diesel pump on a 2004 Toyota Avensis 2.2 D4D. This car was transported over 80 miles here, had been with various dealers who only wanted to spend strangely large sums of money on it. Before the customer had the chance to take it of the trailer, as it was a non starter, we did a few prechecks with our professional diagnostic equiptment. The fault code was read and within 2 minutes the car was running like new again. No parts were fitted and we had asked the customer prior to his arrival that all the origonal parts were to be fitted. Well we had one really excited customer who then drove his car of the transporter trailer and went for a drive. Acording to him he had spent the last 3 months trying to get someone to fix it. We have published the email received in our customer testimonials.

Also we have worked on electric hybrid cars which again are so complex that without proper diagnostic equiptment, well, as the story above shows you can make your own decision!

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