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Here are some remarks from our satisfied customers:


1998 VW Golf
I brought the car up to this fella today in Castlederg.  He has a massive array of diagnosis equipment. Anyway, he spent a while searching through the ABS error messages…then he connected up another ABS pump that he had in the garage to my car to make sure it was the pump that was at fault… Low and behold, the error message was still there after other pump was connected.
So turned out it wasn’t the ABS pump or module after all. After some more rooting about under the bonnet he found out that the ABS pump wasn’t getting enough power because of a loose fuse!  He fixed the fuse and now the ABS light has gone away for good.
It worked out at about £105 for the 2 and a half hours he spent fiddling with the car. He even fitted a pollen filter free of charge…which got the air in the car working again…and that’d hadn’t been working since i bought the car 3yrs ago! In fact the filter had been in the car since the car was manufactured in germany back in 1998!
Happy Days!”

(Extract taken from www.boards.ie)


Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI
Car now mapped. Cheers Jim Robb. Castlederg Auto Electrics. Have to admit its a bloody good job, better MPG & BHP, what more could you want.”
(Extract taken from Facebook.)


Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D
“Just getting round to thank jim at castlederg auto electrics for a great job. To cut a very long story short I bought this car not going it had been with numerous garages including dealers all just wanted to throw more and more parts at car to fix it,new parts had been fitted by previous owner. These were not your small fuses relays sensors etc these were all expensive stuff such as fuel rails, injectors, fuel pumps etc,this went on for about 3months from different garages. Eventually I found castlederg auto electrics spoke to Jim on phone brought the car up on a car trailer approx 2 hours travelling. Jim got straight to it, I asked him did he want the car of the trailer he said not yet well about 5 minutes later he said you can take it of now to see how it’s driving, I couldn’t believe it after all this time the car was running like a clock and still is. What I must point out which I think is a very important is that lots of other people had used diagnostics on car including dealer but could not pin point problem,this man done it in 5 minutes.If you have been wondering were to take your vehicle wonder no more give him a ring and take it from there and as for price I’ll leave that pleasant surprise for you.Thanks again Jim. Tommy with the black avensis. P.S. Might have another one to look at soon.”


“These guys know their electrics. Fault finding comes second nature to them. I had problems with my lights going on and off randomly and was told by another garage it was a “broken wire behind the dash” and gave me a quote of £465. Not pleased with this I thought I would seek a second opinion. I found Castlederg Auto Electrics here on Google and contacted them. Upon inspection it was a faulty relay which they fixed and was on my mary way in 15 minutes. Dont be fooled by others. Use these guys. P.S I went back once I herd they done car remaps. Took my toledo from 110bhp to 145bhp and not only that it has went from doing 46.3mpg to 52.7mpg. What more could you want. A*. Pleasure to do business with, Thanks guys.”
-Jason (Google Reviews)


Renault Laguna
“Highly recommended professional garage for electrical fault finding. I had been told by 2 previous garages that my Renault laguna needed a turbo and an intercooler at 1900 pounds. Castlederg auto electrics spent 40 minutes and a few tests and all it was had been a leaf stuck in my airflow meter.”


2010 FORD GALAXY ghia

A huge thanks to Jim at Catlederg Autoelectrics.

 My car had been in and out of the Ford dealer from which I purchased it so many times and they couldn’t diagnose the actual fault. They continually fobbed me off replacing some small parts some several times leaving me to continue driving a car that randomly stopped whilst driving anywhere and assured me that it was perfectly safe to drive. Too dangerous!! for me and my children. The Ford dealer then suggested that the injectors were faulty ( there was nothing wrong with them! Electrical codes that they didn’t understand!!)

 I had to find someone who could actually diagnose the problem.  

As Jims website explains, Castlederg Auto Electrics just don’t randomly replace parts in the hope that it might work. They actually diagnose the problem and then fix it.

I rang and booked the car in with Jim. I had the car collected and taken to Castlederg Auto Electrics. Jims expertise meant that he could pinpoint the problem of a faulty PCM and wiring loom.

Ford then replaced these parts. I only wish I’d gone to Jim much sooner and not had such a prolonged period of distress and hassle from the dealer and Ford.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jim Robb of  Castlederg Auto Electrics as a Professional and knowledgeable expert in the specialist  field of electrical diagnostics.

Thank you so much


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