Mileage Recalibration



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With more vehicles now having digital Car instrument displays means more things to go wrong.  Needles and gauges not working or a dead instrument cluster.





Why does this happen?

Any number of reasons from the car being jump started to someone has been in there before and has a few spare parts left over that optional extras!!

We replace many instrument clusters on all types of vehicles but have always been asked to change the milage on the new cluster to the orignal value on the old “clocks”.


We have been recalibrating instrument clusters  for years but have decide to advertise due to the fact that we get alot of calls from our website to add this feature here.

The list of vehicles that we cover is too vast to add here but chances are we`ve done it before.

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Prices start from £60


It is not illegal to change the mileage on a vehicle.

However selling a car with mileage that has been tampered with is breaking the law.

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