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Castlederg Auto Electrics are now resetting “Crash Data” from airbag control modules for all cars and vans.

Crash data is stored on the airbag control module when the vehicle is involved in an impact accident where one or more airbags are deployed.  When the airbag module deploys the airbags, crash data is written meaning that fault codes cannot be erased.


Crash Data Recorders

When a traffic crash reconstructionist wanted to know the speed of a car about 10 seconds before it crashed into the side of a school bus, he found that information, and more, in the car’s Event Data Recorder (EDR), a feature quickly becoming standard on all cars. The recorder, a four-inch square metal box (airbag ECU), is currently installed in most recent vehicles.

Some car and truck engines also have electronic control modules that will hold vehicle data that can be recovered following a crash or event. This data is not eraseable with normal commercial available diagnostic and can not be erased for investigation purposes.

In some ways similar to data recorders used on airplanes and trains, the car’s recorder springs into action as part of the air bag system.

Originally designed to improve air bag performance based on the severity of the collision, the event data recorder can tell traffic accident investigators about the car’s speed, engine RPMs, how far the accelerator pedal was pressed, if the brakes were applied, whether the driver’s seatbelt was buckle, whether passenger seatbelt was buckle, real mileage and what warning lights were on.

When an air bag deployment collision accident occurs, the data is recorded onto a computer chip. The data can be retrieved and is presented in a report.

The data download from the EDR will usually contain 6 to 8 pages of information. A second impact can be recorded in the secondary, or non-deployment, file depending upon the circumstances of the collisions and the time interval between them.

Specialist Procedure

We can also configure your airbag system to add or remove airbag or pretensioners for disabled access.

With the most comprehensive vehicle list we believe 99% of airbag modules can be reset successfully.

Prices start from as little as £25  and we offer a postal return service.

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